Follow the Rules!

Know the Key Regulations and Laws before you ride.

On the road, a cyclist is responsible for following the same rules and laws as a vehicle operator.
Cyclists under 18 years of age are required to wear an approved bicycle safety helmet.
Obey all traffic signs and use your hand signals properly
A white front light, a rear red light, and a rear reflector are required for night riding.
On the sidewalk, at the intersections, you must dismount your bike before proceeding through the crosswalk. 


Cyclists must indicate their intentions to drivers clearly using hand signals. 


Bike Signs and Pavement Markings

Come to a full stop. When you’re riding on the road, cyclists must stop at stop signs. Check for traffic all ways, and proceed when safe.

Slow down and yield or stop for traffic crossing in front of you.

This sign indicates those streets which are a bicycle route. This sign is often combined with an arrow indicating the direction of the bicycle route changing. 

Updated January 21, 2015