Cycling Etiquette

Share the Road, Share the Trail

  • Show consideration and respect for others
  • Always keep your head up
  • Signal your intentions
  • Always yield when approaching trail entrances, intersections, obstructions
  • Approach driveways with caution
  • When approaching a traffic light only proceed if light is green. Yellow means be prepared to stop and red means STOP
  • Ride at a controlled speed, especially when going downhill or around a blind corner
  • Use your bell/horn when approaching intersections, corners or other trail users. Alert, don’t alarm
  • Watch for pedestrians
  • Keep to the right: always pass on the left
  • When riding in a group make sure you ride single file
  • Respect the environment
  • Do not skid on dirt paths because it causes erosion

Updated January 15, 2015