Be Visible and Wear the Gear

Be Visible

It is important when riding your bicycle that others know you are there.

  • Wear bright or reflective clothing: dark clothing can blend in with the environment and make it harder for people to spot you coming
  • Put reflectors and lights on your bike: a white front light, a rear red light, and a rear reflector are required for night riding
  • Ride in groups
  • Ride in a predictable manner: do not weave in and out of traffic or parked cars
  • Make eye contact with other road users especially at intersections

Being visible and using hand signals will help other road users know that you are there.

Wear the Gear

  • Helmets save lives and can reduce brain injury. It is strongly recommended that every cyclist wears a helmet.  In Alberta it’s the law for all cyclists under the age of 18 to wear a helmet.  Be sure you wear a bicycle specific helmet.  Other types of helmets are not designed to absorb the type of impact that may be encountered during a cycling crash.
  • Clothing- avoid loose clothing.  Tuck loose pant legs in your socks to prevent them being caught in the bicycle’s moving parts.
  • Footwear- choose properly fitted shoes.  Do not wear flip flops and never cycle in bare feet.

Updated January 14, 2015