Be Visible Resources & Links

We have the following suggestions for raising awareness around injury prevention:

  • Train in first aid/CPR.  Studies show that people who have first aid training are injured less.
  • Recognize children who "wear the gear"- properly fitted, sport-appropriate helmets, reflectors and safety gear-  with positive tickets and coupons for drinks, treats or admission tickets to an activity centre.  Positive ticketing has been shown to improve overall community safety
  • Implement a no cell phone while driving policy.  Driver distraction is a major cause of collisions
  • Calculate the real costs associated with a workplace injury. You might be surprised! 
  • Do an ergonomic assessment of your work areas and make changes to reduce injuries
  • Have a spirit day at your work place - "Be Visible" and wear your safety gear!
  • Encourage all adults to "role model" wearing bike helmets
  • Implement a "walking school bus" to transport children to and from school in a safe and healthy manner
  • National Safe Communities Day falls during Fire Prevention Week each October.  Develop or update your home fire safety plan.

Updated January 15, 2015