Be Visible for Safety!

Help us to make Central Alberta the safest place to live, learn, work and play and lead the country in the Be Visible campaign.  For a $100 investment in a Be Visible Promotion Kit, you will be supporting the local organizations that make your communities safer on a daily basis.  Our coalition is supported by RCMP, school divisions, health regions, injury prevention agencies and businesses.  After receiving your kit you can implement an easy staff activity that raises awareness around a specific safety concern or you can go big and plan a community event.  That part is up to you - but every effort to raise awareness is appreciated.

Purchase a Be Visible Kit from Safe Communities Central Alberta.

This kit contains a banner, balloons, posters and stickers to help you promote "Be Visible" in your business or community. Purchasing this kit also supports further injury prevention activities supported by Safe Communities Central Alberta.


Be Visible Kits are available for schools too.  For $25 you will receive a kit of paper banners, balloons, posters and enough Be Visible stickers for each student, teacher and support staff (let us know how many you need). 

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Updated January 14, 2015